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Intersectional Analysis

Intersectional Analysis

Let me begin by saying Black Lives Matter. I wrote a piece over at hippiegrrl explains it all last week that sums up my views on this matter, but I wanted to put that here as well. hippiegrrl media is an inclusive space online and we intend to build a community of diverse voices to add to our analysis.

Prior to today on, we have focused on coffee and books. On hippiegrrl explains it all we have provided social science analysis and op-ed type content while on gen x reactions we focus on critiquing art and entertainment and on robots don’t dance we discuss the workplace. We also have a new site in the works that focuses on deconstructing pop culture and media. In the past, at hippiegrrl media, intersectional analysis was not highlighted or centered and, as a result, Whiteness ended up being centered. In order to rectify this hole in the analysis that was created by a White centered viewpoint, hippiegrrl media will be focusing on these topics in antiracist and antisexist ways.

As you may or may not know – all the hippiegrrl media properties have been updated by two writers, both of whom are White. Going forward, as we have the money to do so, we will include voices of color in our content. In the meantime, we will be clear and concise in our analysis and include an accounting of our own bias when necessary for the content.

With a background in social science, you would think that I would have already incorporated the research methods of the field into my writing, but I have been remiss. In not stating my own privilege, which informs my bias, I have not given full time and space to the experiences of BIPOC. Here and now, I pledge to do better, to continue my analysis of society through the lens of gender, but with a heavy emphasis on how my personal opinion is informed by my White privilege.

Thank you for sticking with hippiegrrl media and I hope to see you going forward. Together we will make a better community for all.

Keep an eye out in the coming months as we work toward raising the funds to pay writers of color and amplify the voices that need to be heard now and going forward! Once we have the means, we will put out an open call for submissions with a theme. We are excited to start this new chapter of hippiegrrl media and look forward to having great new works to share.

Thank you, as always, for reading and please share widely with both friend and foe.

Peace, Chantale (aka hippiegrrl)

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