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Recommitting to Our Values

Recommitting to Our Values

Today we would like to recommit to the values that we espouse on our sidebar.

First and foremost – hippiegrrl media is an anti-racist, anti-sexist venture. We seek to find new information, tear down disinformation, and share all that we learn with our readers. We believe in listening to the voices of those who have lived experiences in our society to understand struggles and not judge those experiences. We strive to make the United States a place where disinformation stops thriving and where reason and science prevail.

Black Lives Matter   |   Climate Change is Real   |   Treaties are to be honored   |   Women have autonomy   |   Love is love is love
No human is illegal   |   Science = Truth   |   Unions are essential   |   The time for Trans Liberation is NOW!

Our values are not slogans – they are important world views that inform our writing and drive us to be better in life. Our number one goal is to ALWAYS BE LISTENING AND LEARNING and we hope that our readers align with that goal as well. Debate is healthy, but in the end, there is an actual history in the States that needs to be critically assessed and the lived experiences of people, on a daily basis, need to be centered in these narratives. Sometimes, what we learn is difficult, but feeling bad just shows empathy and spurs us to examine those feelings in light of new information. Learning comes from the internal conflict and when we ignore that conflict or set it aside we stop growing as both individuals and as a nation. And in the unlearning, we can find the strength to overturn the white supremacist patriarchy.

So – again – recommitting to our values isn’t just about saying them out loud, but living them each day. We hope that you are along for the ride and willing to open your mind and heart to the narratives of those lived experiences. We salute you for joining us here and we are excited to continue this journey of learning together. Thank you for reading.

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