from the archives: August is Almost Over

Many things have happened over the past month. We picked up our whole lives and moved from Buffalo, NY to Huntsville, AL. Yes, Alabama. In the heat of August, during the most oppressive season when even northerners hate to be outside for long periods of time, we decided to move  to the deep south. Well, it isn’t exactly the deep south, but it is definitely the south. In the whirlwind of having to move our lives in 3 weeks (School starts earlier in Alabama) I haven’t had a chance to pick up a book. Partially because I am busy and partially because I am thrown by the whole move, but mainly because I am tired.

Even so, I still wanted to post an update of my TBR.

So – here it is…

Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay ****

The Awesome by Eva Darrows ****

Eloquent Rage by Brittney Cooper ****

With those 3 books added, I am 2 books beyond the half way point for my 12 book challenge this year. That isn’t horrible considering I’m only 1 month behind. Now that I am working part time (that is a story for another blog) I will have more time to read as we settle in to our new apartment in Huntsville. I’m hoping that I can actually blow that 12 book challenge away and maybe work on more of the book riot challenge books as well. We shall see.

Now let me know how you are doing on your 2018 book challenge lists – comment below!


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