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The hippiegrrl story began in 2002 when I (Chantale) joined At the time, I had done zero writing online, had no screen name (other than an old name I used on Olohof, back in the day), and was just getting into the Riotgrrrl scene. I had recently moved back to Buffalo, NY and was hoping to get into activism. Attending a few events around town sealed my interest in organizing and the hippie values that I had always held near and dear.

Coupling my love for hippie culture with my backwash column and riotgrrrl tendencies I crafted the handle ‘hippiegrrl’. Shortly thereafter, I began coding, from scratch, the website and a media company was born! At the time, it was just backwash and, but over time branched out to (an online activism community), (an online community for goths, punks, metal heads, etc.), (a web design & development company, catering to small businesses)

The current variation of hippiegrrl media includes robots don’t dance, gen x reactions, and the latest iteration of hippiegrrl explains it all, as well as the ever-present Moving forward, hippiegrrl media will continue to be a hub for the hippiegrrl properties and a location for the next version of the hippiegrrl web design & development company. Check back often to see what’s up!