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  • Book Review: How to Be an Artist by Jerry Saltz
    Jerry Saltz is one of the most straight forward writers I have read in a while. He does not mince words in writing about art, artists, and the capacity that each individual has to create. “How to Be an Artist” acts as an inspirational guide and a kick in the ass for any aspiring artist […]

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  • Huntsville Coffee Tour: Sugar Belle
    Hello lovely readers! It has been a while since my last coffee tour post, but we are taking our sweet time getting through these locations. This time around we visited Sugar Belle, a shop that …

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  • A Message to Sanders Supporters
    First – I am one of you. It took me 2 other candidates to get here, but I am now on board with Senator Sanders and sincerely hope he gets the nomination. Having said that, I wish that getting to

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  • Anger Is Not Apathy
    This morning, before beginning my work day, I logged on to Twitter to check the feed. I know – I know – I probably shouldn’t log on in the morning for it could ruin my whole day, but I am just addicted to information and I needed my fix. As I scrolled through my feed, […]

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  • Organic Downsizing Part Two
    Last year, at this time, I published a piece with password protection that discussed the concept of organic downsizing in the workplace. This morning, I decided to open up that post to public viewing and write this second…

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  • Forward Motion
    One of the bad habits that I have is constantly looking back in time and re-thinking the choices I made in my career, education, and just generally about my life. My brain LOVES to over-analyze my past in a way that makes me feel like I am not moving forward in a positive manner. However,…